Graduate Strike Force

Graduate Strike Force is a strategy-based, action-filled game about choosing the right college, managing college expenses, and saving the world. The player leads a task force of four recent high school graduates, determining the best college fit for each of them so the team will be prepared to combat the forces that threaten the planet. Only by making good college choices and managing the team's student debt and budget, will the player stand a chance against the forces of chaos. Graduate Strike Force was created by the USC Game Innovation Lab as part of the FutureBound Games suite, and is available at

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Graduate Strike Force is about the decision that college-bound high school students face of which school they should attend. Themes of the imminent end of the world echo the anxieties that many high school students feel about making this choice, but the game lightens these emotions using humor and by positioning the characters as empowered by their choices to overcome the challenges facing them.

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Creative Director: Tracy Fullerton
Design & Technical Lead: Sean Bouchard
Design & Production Lead: Elizabeth Swensen

Andrea Benavides - Design, UI Design
David Bolen - Sound Design
Torrin Borrowdale - Music
Jeff Chamberlain - Voice Over
Ala' Diab - Art Direction
Richard Emms - Programming
Robyn Gray - UI Design, Art, Programming
Anna Lotko - Design, Programming
Kelly Matten - 2D Art
Lucas Peterson - 3D Art, Animation
David Turpin - Design, Programming